2T Rock Grapple


  • Six sizes rated from 1 to 30-ton capacity
  • All rock grapple types are equipped with replaceable points so that as the points wear and lose their original shape and sharpness, they can be easily replaced
  • Type 2T grapple is designed to handle medium to large rocks
  • All-welded tines, fabricated from high strength and abrasive-resistant steels
  • Designed specifically for handling large, heavy rock weighing up to 50,000 lb
  • Features a two-line reeved configuration


2T Rock Grapples are designed specifically for large rocks and stone


2T Rock Grapples are used anywhere large rocks need to be placed.  Industries include:

  • Marine Construction
  • Dredging


2T Rock Grapples come standard with heavy-duty construction and weld-on teeth.  Additional options are rarely required.