Anvil Attachments history of grab manufacturing dates back over 100 years.   Anvil owns and builds grabs based on several brand names dating back to the early 1900s.   These brands include Owen, Yaun-Williams, Drott, Pro-Line, and Hawco.


  •  1908 - Owen Bucket Company was formed in Cleveland, Ohio.

Owen Bucket Co Ad Owens Log Grapple

  • 1916 - Edward Drott founded Drott Tractor Company in his home town of Butternut, Wisconsin. It was moved to Wausau, Wisconsin, in 1923.  Drott was well known for their 4-in-1 Bucket.
Drott Ad


  • 1946 - Yaun Welding and Dragline Buckets was formed in Baton Rouge.

Yaun Dragline


  •  1968 - Hawco was established in Slaughter, Louisiana as a rebuilder of clamshell buckets and grapples. As Hawco's customer base and revenues grew, the company hired experienced engineers and began designing and fabricating new cable driven clamshell buckets and grapples. By the early 1980s, Hawco was well established as one of the leading manufacturers of grabs in North America. During the mid-1980s, Hawco expanded its product line by adding hydraulic and electro-hydraulic designs. Since then, Hawco has grown to be North America's largest supplier of clamshell buckets and grapples.

Hawco Logo


  • 1976 - The Yaun-Williams Bucket Co. was formed in Louisiana, this was a merger between Williams Bucket Division of Atlas Car Manufacturing Company of Cleveland, Ohio and Yaun Manufacturing of Baton Rouge.


  • 1976 - Anvil Attachments Industries was formed in Ohio.


  • 1978 – Owens Bucket Company was sold to Anvil Attachments Industries of Ohio.


  • 1989 – Pro-Line Buckets and Grapples founded in Houston, Texas.


  • 1992 D&S Manufacturing Co., Black River Falls, Wisconsin acquires the Anvil Attachments division of Intergy Inc.


  • 1998 - Pro-Line Machine & Repair Co., Houston, purchased the Anvil Attachments line from D&S Manufacturing Co., Black River Falls, Wisconsin, planning to manufacture various new products under the Anvil name.  In the purchase, Pro-Line acquires the brands Yaun-Williams and Owens.


  • 2002 - Pro-Line Buckets & Grapples of Houston and Hawco Manufacturing Co. LLC, Slaughter, La., merged to form a larger clamshell bucket and grapple-manufacturing firm. The new company used the name Anvil Attachments, choosing an existing Pro-Line brand as its corporate name.


  • PRESENT DAY - Anvil Attachments will continue to provide parts, service, and engineering of new units under the names Anvil, Pro-Line, Hawco, Owen, Yaun, Williams, and Drott. These product lines offer a broad array of attachments for cable, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic operated units.