Anvil Attachments  specializes in the repair and complete rebuilding of buckets and grapples, as well, as designing and fabricating new buckets and grapples.  Established in 1969, as Hawco, it has grown to be the foremost manufacturer and rebuilder of buckets and grapples in the United States.


Our Facilities are located just outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  It consist of a main building and hydraulic shop.  Our plant is equipped with a full machine shop, 8 over head cranes, sandblasting pit, heat treating furnace, and a state or the art computerized plasma arc plate burning machine.


Our Experience: We have built more buckets and grapples than any other company in the United States, we have the advantage of experience, which we pass on to our customers in higher quality work.  This experience is also most valuable in identifying problem areas of a bucket and then making changes that will prevent their reoccurrence. 


Our Quality: As a manufacturer, the most important element of our products is that they be of the highest quality. 



A major component of a quality rebuild is using the best materials available.  All of the materials we use are U.S. made alloys.  Lips, bowl, plate, and tines are manufactured using T-1 (A514) steel with Hardwear 400 available for even greater wear resistance.  Pins and bushings are precision machined from 4140*42 heat treated steel and further heat tread to maintain their life.  Manganese bushings are available upon request for optimal wear resistance.


* 6-8 week turnaround

* Cable, hydraulic and Electro-hydraulic designs rebuild

* Rebuilds to buckets and grapples made by any and all manufacturers

* 6 months warranty

* All steel, bushings and pins stock are U.S. made and certified.