LCHC Level Cut Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket

 LEVEL CUT-Model 2

Anvils LCHC Level Cut Hydraulic Clamshell Buckets are designed environmental dredging operations.  They are commonly used in dredging applications where only a predetermined top layer of contaminated material needs removing.  

  •  LCHC Level Cut Buckets feature 5 inch bore cylinders.  The cylinders are over-sized and pressure tested and are designed for under water applications.
  • Bucket closes accurately within +/- one inch.
  • Low Turbidity design to minimize sediment disruption.
  • Venting system, allows bucket to flow, yet seals to capture material
  • Rotations options include 360, knock around and direct mount.
  • Pins are machined from 4140 heat treated steel and bushings are extra heavy, thick walled and made of chromium molybdenum 4140/42.



LCHC Level Cut  Clamshell Buckets are designed for environmental dredging operations.  Common materials include:

  • Contaminated Soil
  • Loose soil
  • Loose sand


LCHC Level Cut Clamshell Buckets are purposely designed for the dredging industry, they are most often used with a Material Handler such as a Sennebogen or Liehberr and are also used with excavators.  More specifically they are designed for environmental dredging and the removal of contaminated materials.


LCHC Level Cut Clamshell Buckets have a wide variety of options available, these include:

  • Bolt on Edges
  • Bolt on Sealed lip
  • Teeth
  • Round Nose
  • Radius Corners