Diesel Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket

Anvil Attachments diesel hydraulic operated clamshell buckets are primarily designed for ships gear and shore cranes to unload barges or ships. These units are self contained with radio remote control operation and do not require any capability to supply power and / or control wires to the clamshell. With a wide variety of options Anvil has the right product to fit your requirements. . Below is a list of models and the common materials each model is designed to handle:

Model DHRH

DESCRIPTION Anvil’s self contained diesel hydraulic model designed to work on crawler cranes, overhead cranes and ships gear cranes
SIZES ½ cubic yards to 45 cubic yards
MATERIALS HANDLED Mill scale, Coke, Coal, Ores, Cement, Ash, Grains, Pig iron, Ferroalloys and Aggregates





Cutting edges




Material upgrade to AR400

Material handling

Upgrade mainshafts and lower arm pins and bushings to a combination of stainless steel overlay or Astralloy pins with manganese bushings

Radio remote control

Bolt on reversible bottom and partial side lips

Bolt on dust covers

Bolt on teeth


Rubber sealed lip


Weld on


Bolt on


Lap sealed lip - weld on only