Contact your territory manager for a free, no obligation scope of your grab.


Certified factory rebuilds from the manufacturer are the best way to ensure your equipment will last for many more years.  Anvil offers complete rebuild and repair services at its location in Slaughter, LA.  Anvil can also send factory trained service technicians on site to fix any issues you may have anywhere you may have them.

While a field scope cannot identify every cost involved in your rebuild it will give you a good idea of what will be involved.  Some items cannot be identified until your grab is disassembled on site.

Anvil also offers low-cost DIA (Disassemble, Inspect, and Advise) at its factory in Slaughter, LA.  This is the most accurate analysis of your grab.  Send your grab to the factory and Anvil will take it apart, inspect all areas and give you a rebuild summary and quote for your grab.

Anvil repairs all makes and models of grabs, including cable, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic grabs.

A rebuild is typically a 6 to 12-week turnaround, depending on the size of the grab and the degree of repairs required.

All repairs use factory replacement parts and are rebuilt to original specifications where possible.

Your territory manager will work with you to determine if a rebuild is the most cost-effective option.

More info on the rebuild process can be found on our REBUILD/REPAIR info page.