Company Profile

Anvil Attachment Company Profile

Anvil Attachments is one of the oldest suppliers of Grabs, Grapples, and Clamshell Buckets for Bulk Material Handling.  Anvil has been supplying products under various brand names since 1905.

Today, Anvil Attachments continues to supply high quality material handling products under the brand name Hawco, Pro-Line, Anvil, Owen, Yaun, Williams, and Drott.  Anvil's testament to quality shows in that many of these products are still in use today.

Anvil supplies grapples and buckets in hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, diesel-hydraulic, and traditional cable operation.  New units, repairing & servicing older units and supplying parts is all part of what we do.  We will even re-engineer your off-brand bucket for greater performance.

Anvil is the only US manufacturer of clamshell buckets that has passed a 2 year testing program of the US government for quality and strength.  Don't sell yourself short.  See why Anvil Buckets are built to last.

Over its history, Anvil and its brands have the unique distinction of building the following clamshell buckets and grapples which are considered to be the largest of their type to have ever been built:

Largest clamshell bucket: 77 cubic yards

Largest electro-hydraulic scrap grapple: 20 cubic yards

Largest hydraulic scrap grapple: 7 cubic yards

Largest electro-hydraulic refuse grapple: 14 cubic yards

Largest 2-rope roundnose dredging bucket: 40 cubic yards

These accomplishments symbolize Anvil's design and manufacturing capabilities and represent the company's "can-do" attitude when industry has had unique requirements.