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US Bucket and Grapple Manufacturer Anvil Attachments Wins International “Best Grab” Award for Clamshell Bucket

Posted by Anvil Attachments on Mon, Jan 07, 2013 @ 02:27 PM

COKE BUCKETAnvil Attachments, a Slaughter, Louisiana manufacturer of buckets and grapples, was nominated and selected to the final 5 in the “Best Grab” category of the 2012 International Bulk Journal (IBJ) Awards. The finalists were narrowed down by an independent judging panel from more than 100 individual category entries, 28 different countries, and all five continents. the companies that made the shortlist were, Credeblug, Spain, Guven Machine and Grab, Turkey, SMAG (Peiner) , Germany and Verstegen, Netherlands.

Anvil’s team headed to Hamburg, Germany for the IBJ Awards presentation on November 19th, 2012. Anvil Attachments took home the “Best Grab” award, the winner was chosen on the following criteria, “The judges will select a winner who consistently meets customer requirements for operationally efficient, cost-effective grabs. Aware that grabs should ideally be adapted to each bulk commodity, judges will look for the use of quality material in manufacture and innovative design in minimizing environmental damage.”

Anvil’s award winning bucket was their model 4RD coke bucket. Anvil took on the challenge to look at its designs and manufacturing processes to provide a lighter, more reliable and lower cost to operate clamshell bucket to handle petroleum coke. With these goals in mind they formed a team of engineering, sales and manufacturing personnel to look at their current coke bucket models and identify the “good, bad and ugly” assets and their customer’s concerns. Here is the list of main items they focused on to improve the units. 
1) Cracking - this required the bucket to be taken out of service to be repaired. 
2) Cable wear – this again required the bucket to be taken out of service for cable change. 
3) Rebuild cycles – units were typically required to be removed from service for rebuilding of pins, bushings and plate components every 6-9 months.

Once they collected this information they quickly looked at improvements. With a firm plan in place, the new design was fully modeled in 3D and tested with their FEA programs. Once they were satisfied it would meet all the predefined goals, they took the information to their customers. They had great input that helped Anvil to better the design and incorporate a special “high wear” package for each of their applications.

What Anvil ended up with was a highly superior bucket that provided longer life between rebuilds, significantly lower maintenance costs and greatly increased “up” time. Anvil now has replaced or updated the coke handling bucket for 93% of the refineries in the world.

Some examples of the success of the success of this project include a Port Author, TX plant who has increased their run times 200% and a Pascagoula, MS plant that was able to double their cable life resulting in $125,000 per year savings in cable cost alone.

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