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Anvil Attachments launches redesigned website.

Posted by Anvil Attachments on Sat, Jan 12, 2013 @ 11:10 AM

Anvil Attachments Website Redesign

Anvil Attachments, international manufacturer of buckets and grapples for bulk material handling launches redesigned website.  From first glance, the changes to Anvil Attachments are subtle.  The regular visitor may notice a slight change in the menu and some layout differences, but the real changes are on the back end.  Anvils redesign is driven by three main factors, the need for simpler content changes, the need to provide some clarity and easier navigation of the different product lines and most importantly to be able to provide fresh and relevant content to visitors to the site.  

Visitors to Anvil site will now be able to find their buckets and grapples based on material handled or crane type.  For example, a customer needs to move coal; they can view the bucket matrix and find all of Anvil products that are recommended for moving coal. From this page, they can click on that product and detailed information on that bucket.  There is a similar matrix on crane type also, so the customer can view all recommend products that will work on a particular crane type. The website will also feature a full product side by comparison of all buckets and grapples.

The feature Anvil is most excited about is their ability to now provide fresh content to its customers who are seeking out current information.  Anvil will be able to continually update its customers on product updates, maintenance tips, answers to common questions and more.  Users have the option to subscribe to Anvils news sections and will be notified when a new article is published.

Anvil's site has been ported from the old site and is now live; from here it will continually be developed and improved.

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