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Anvil ships 4 rope Coke clamshell bucket to Petroleum Coke refinery

Posted by Anvil Attachments on Mon, Jan 14, 2013 @ 09:48 AM

4 Rope Clamshell Bucket

Pictured above is Anvil Attachment’s latest 4 rope direct reeved coke clamshell bucket, model 4RD, getting prepared for shipment to a customer.  The coke clamshell will be utilized for bulk handling of coke in a petroleum refinery in south Louisiana.  The 4 rope bucket features Anvil's patented cluster sheaves, which will provide up to double the cable life over the competition's guide rollers. This clamshell also features a perforated bowl for dewatering of the coke material.  The lower sheaves are enclosed to prevent debris from accumulating.  This bucket also features bolt on lips.  Bolt on lips prevent wear damage to the bowl and are easily replaceable when necessary.  This unit has recessed greased lines for protection and easy maintenance.

Anvil’s 4 rope coke clamshell buckets have become the industry standard in the coking industry.  This is due to Anvil's dedication to quality and continually improving on design and features.

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