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Anvil Ships Coal Bucket – Innovation in Coal Bucket Design

Posted by Anvil Attachments on Mon, Feb 04, 2013 @ 04:35 PM

Coal BucketPictured above is Anvil’s latest 4 rope, fleet through coal bucket, shipped to an Energy company in the Midwest.  At first glance, it may appear to be a standard coal bucket, but a closer look reveals the innovation in Anvil’s design and manufacturing.

The bucket is a 12 cubic yard (9 ton), 4 rope, fleet through clamshell bucket built to Anvil’s high standard of quality.  This bucket is specifically designed for the handling of coal and the impacts of working in that environment.  This coal bucket features Anvil’s patented cluster sheaves.  The cluster sheaves replace traditional guide rollers and dramatically increase cable life.  Customers who have opted for the cluster sheave option experience 2 to 3 times the cable life over the standard guide roller configuration used by other manufacturers.  This 4 rope bucket’s cluster sheaves have 16 sheaves in 4 clusters.  This provides much greater surface area over roller guides. 

Coal Bucket | Cluster Sheaves

In addition, this bucket has reversible bolt on edges, or “lips."  Bolt on edges increase bucket life by taking most of the wear while the bucket closes on material and the ground surface.  On a traditional coal bucket, the bottom and side lips would have to be replaced after wearing.  With the bolt on edges you simply replace the edges.  The edges are usually replaced many times before having to replace the lips. 

Another feature of this four rope coal bucket is the rubber bumper attached to the head unit.  The rubber bumper is designed to protect against impact on the head unit as the operator lifts the bucket to  the top position.  Traditionally, the bucket would bang against the top of the crane; this action causes stress and cracking on the bucket.  The rubber bumper absorbs this force, similar to the way a shock absorber in your car absorbs shocks.

Coal Bucket | Grease LinesProper maintenance on your bucket ensures that you will get maximum life out of your investment. Anvil makes it as easy as possible for your maintenance crew to properly grease the bucket.  The picture above shows the central lube area of the bucket.  You will notice the grease manifold and grease lines are enclosed and protected.  Every required grease point in the upper extremities for the bucket is greased from this location, there is no guessing and no searching for grease points.

Anvil Attachments is continually improving its products and developing new innovations.  This is done through years of experience and communication with clients to discover their needs and wants.  When a client discusses any problems or issues, Anvil works with them on a solution.

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