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Anvil is having a great ISRI show featuring their Diesel Hydraulic Grapple

Posted by Anvil Attachments on Thu, Apr 11, 2013 @ 03:25 PM


“Wow”, the most common word heard in the Anvil booth at the ISRI trade show.  Pictures and video don’t do justice to the massive Diesel Hydraulic grapple which Anvil is displaying at the ISRI trade show in Orlando.  When you see this grapple in person you get a feel for the size and power this grapple demonstrates.  Anvil is having a great show with lots of foot traffic through their booth, some from customers, and some from people who are just curious about the largest grapple they have ever seen.  One gentlemen simply stared at the grapple for about fifteen minutes, he stated he “didn’t have a machine large enough to handle that grapple, but wanted to buy one just because it so cool.”  Several people stop by just to have there picture taken with the grapple.  Anvil is also displaying a 1 cubic yard 4 tine hydraulic grapple, a 1 cubic yard 5 tine hydraulic grapple and a multi-purpose two over three grapple.

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