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Anvil Attachments Updates their Magnet Grapple Line

Posted by Anvil Attachments on Mon, Jul 22, 2013 @ 02:45 PM

4 Tine Hydraulic Orange Peel Magnet GrappleAnvil Attachments, award winning manufacturer of hydraulic and cable buckets and grapples, has refreshed their line of 4 tine magnet grapples. Kyle Watson, inside sales, says, “Magnet grapples are a product that we have always had available, we just have not marketed this line.” Anvil’s engineering department took on the task of analyzing their existing magnet grapple line and making modifications to improve this product. The biggest thing was running the design through Anvil’s state of the art FEA software. Finite-Element Analysis, or FEA, is a sophisticated software program which analyzes the 3D model of the grapple. Jeff Wallace, Anvil’s engineering manager, said, “FEA software allows us to simulate the forces that will be applied to an attachment while it is working in the field. It shows us weak areas and areas that have unnecessary material; this allows our engineers to design the lightest grapple possible while keeping all the strength and integrity in place.”

Anvil then incorporated these designs and applied their LEAN manufacturing process to the manufacturing of the grapple. LEAN manufacturing reduces waste associated with manufacturing a product and, in the process, reduces errors and improves manufacturing quality. The end result from these processes is a higher-quality product at a substantial cost reduction.

Anvil’s four tine magnet grapple is available in sizes from one cubic yard to two cubic yards with various magnet sizes based on customer needs. Anvil can also design and manufacture capacities outside of these ranges on request.

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