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Anvil Expands Rental Fleet of Buckets and Grapples

Posted by Anvil Attachments on Tue, Apr 30, 2013 @ 11:13 AM

Anvil's Rental Fleet of Buckets and Grapples 

Anvil’s rental fleet of hydraulic and cable buckets and grapples is now larger than ever. The rental fleet is now over 30 unit’s total.  These units include hydraulic buckets, hydraulic grapples, single line buckets and Anvil’s new diesel hydraulic grapple.  “The number of customers requesting rental units has increased drastically in the past year,” says Kyle Watson, Anvil’s Inside Sales Representative.  Customers are looking to rent for several reasons.  The most common reason is to handle a short term job, where they only have a need for a week or month, and purchasing a bucket is not cost effective. Anvil has been working hard to make material handling attachments an affordable reality to all customers.

Another popular reason customers rent from Anvil is that they offer a “rent to own” program.  Under this program, a customer can rent a unit, and if needs change or their job lasts longer than originally anticipated, it may become cost effective for them to purchase.  Anvil will then credit a portion of the rental fees to the purchase of the unit.

Anvil also offers a “try it before you buy it” option.  A customer can rent a unit, test it, and make sure it performs for their situation and material, prior to purchasing the unit.  This allows the customer to make sure this product is the perfect match for them with minimal cost and commitment.

Mr. Watson added, “Depending on the model, Anvil will also build a new unit for rental if we don’t have it in stock, with our fast lead time, we can produce a grapple in as little as a week and a hydraulic bucket in two weeks.”

Anvil offers rental options anywhere from a week to a year.  And most units can ship the same day ordered.  Anvil has customers all over the world and has had rental units in South America and other countries.

Anvil’s rental fleet includes hydraulic clamshell buckets in sizes ranging from 2 cubic yards through 9 cubic yards. Cable operated buckets including single line radio remote control buckets from 1/2 cubic yards to 20 cubic yards.  These include cable “touch and go” buckets.

Anvil’s grapple fleet is also large, including 4 and 5 tine hydraulic grapples.  Anvil also recently added its 7 cubic yard, 6 tine Diesel Hydraulic grapple to the rental fleet.


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Anvils Patented Cluster Sheaves now available on all cable grabs.

Posted by Anvil Attachments on Wed, Mar 13, 2013 @ 10:36 PM

Anvil has now adopted their patented cluster sheave design across its entire line of cable buckets and grapples. Anvil received its Patent for their Cluster Sheave design in 2008; its early use was primarily on their 4 rope direct reeve clamshell buckets. The results of this design have been tremendous by increasing cable life up to 3 times.

Anvil Attachments continues to be on the forefront of bucket and grapple innovation. Anvil has learned that quality bucket design does not only come from their use of cutting-edge technology, 3D design, FEA analysis and LEAN manufacturing. The primary source of quality design comes from the customers themselves, the men who are in the field all day working with their equipment. Anvil is continually questioning their customers, asking them what they would like to see in a bucket or grapple, what don’t they like and how can we improve.

One thing that customers repeatedly stated as an issue was having to stop in the middle of a job to restring cable. This is a time-consuming and costly process. Not only is the cable expensive, but there is also the cost of downtime while unhooking the attachment, restringing, then re-hooking. This often occurs in the middle of a job, where time is money.

Jon Craft, president of Anvil, was having dinner with a large group of Kone Crane representatives in Houston. They were discussing issues with clamshell buckets, and the highest complaints have always been cracking and cable wear. Together, they all talked and drew different ideas on napkins; Jon's idea was the cluster sheaves which Anvil manufactures today.

sheave is a wheel or roller with a groove along its edge for holding a belt, rope, or cable. When hung between two supports and equipped with a belt, rope or cable, one or more sheaves make up a pulley. The words sheave and pulley are sometimes used interchangeably. The purpose of the cluster sheave is to replace a fair lead or the standard guide rollers that have been the industry standard for years. The average guide rollers were 4 inch round and cylindrical. When the grab leans over or lists, the cable is actually rolling over a flat cylinder object. This works against all the standard criteria for adequate cable life. The cluster sheaves create a true circle in a larger diameter, similar in shape to the cable.

Cluster Sheave Assembly

The patent was approved for the cluster sheave design in 2008 and, over the past five years, the results have been better than first anticipated. This design has drastically increased cable life for Anvil’s customers, doubling and tripling in most instances. Chevron in Pascagoula, MS states “Anvil has been able to double our cable life resulting in savings of over $125,000.00 per year on the cable alone.” Motiva in Port Author, Texas says “We have increased our run cycles over 200% with the new model bucket from Anvil.” And finally, Don Paulino with Kone Cranes states “We feel the Anvil product line adds value to our crane systems. It is the only bucket we will offer with our packages.”

Here is an example of the cost savings that the cluster sheaves can bring: 

  • Cable cost estimated @ $4.218 per. ft.
  • Monthly Estimated cost @ $26,494.34
Annualizing the cost of cable 
  • $317,932.00 per yr.
  • Reduced by ½ and you save $158,966.00
  • This does not include labor.
  • This also does not include down time.


Up to this point Anvil used this design strictly on its 4 rope direct reeve clamshell buckets. Anvil has now adopted this design across its full line of cable buckets and grapples. This includes two and three rope applications. Anvil most recent adaptations include using this design on its radio controlled single line clamshell buckets and two 15 cubic yard 4 rope 8 tine scrap grapples being used in a stevedoring operation.

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Anvil ships 4 rope Coke clamshell bucket to Petroleum Coke refinery

Posted by Anvil Attachments on Mon, Jan 14, 2013 @ 09:48 AM

4 Rope Clamshell Bucket

Pictured above is Anvil Attachment’s latest 4 rope direct reeved coke clamshell bucket, model 4RD, getting prepared for shipment to a customer.  The coke clamshell will be utilized for bulk handling of coke in a petroleum refinery in south Louisiana.  The 4 rope bucket features Anvil's patented cluster sheaves, which will provide up to double the cable life over the competition's guide rollers. This clamshell also features a perforated bowl for dewatering of the coke material.  The lower sheaves are enclosed to prevent debris from accumulating.  This bucket also features bolt on lips.  Bolt on lips prevent wear damage to the bowl and are easily replaceable when necessary.  This unit has recessed greased lines for protection and easy maintenance.

Anvil’s 4 rope coke clamshell buckets have become the industry standard in the coking industry.  This is due to Anvil's dedication to quality and continually improving on design and features.

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