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Anvil Attachments and Company Wrench Announce Parternship Agreement

Posted by Anvil Attachments on Sun, Mar 03, 2013 @ 11:37 AM

Anvil AttachmentsCompany WrenchAnvil Attachments, US manufacturer of clamshell buckets and orange peel grapples and Company Wrench, a distributor, manufacturers, rep and service company have announced a strategic partnership agreement. In the agreement Company Wrench is the exclusive dealer of Anvil hydraulic buckets and grapples in Ohio, New York City, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Washington and Oregon.

Anvil Attachments is an award-winning manufacturer of bulk material handling attachments. They offer the most diverse product line in the industry, including hydraulic and cable clamshell buckets and hydraulic and cable grapples.

Anvil recently won the 2012 IBJ award for best grab and is the preferred grab manufacturer for many of the leading crane manufacturers.

Anvil utilizes state of the art FEA design on all of its clamshell buckets and grapples, which allows them to design grabs with the precise weight to strength ratio for the material handled. Anvil practices LEAN manufacturing on all of their products which reduces cost and improves quality.

Anvil is best known for their service after the sale and stand by the quality of every bucket and grapple they produce. This is what attracted them to work with a company like Company Wrench, unlike most of their competitors. Company Wrench was built as a service company first, then an equipment dealer. This is an ideal match for Anvil as they look to grow their dealer network as Anvil puts their customers first. This is done by providing the best service in the industry. Company Wrench, is an Ohio-based company focusing on the manufacturing, sales, rentals, parts and service of scrap, demolition, and construction equipment. Headquartered in Carroll, Ohio, Company Wrench operates in 12 locations across the US. Company Wrench specializes in providing "The Cutting Edge of Customer Service."

Company Wrench is known for its outstanding customer service in very demanding applications, such as recycling and demolition. Company Wrench’s manufacturing arm, CW Machine Worx, specializes in manufacturing and modifying specialty machines for a specialty market. CW Machine Worx has numerous patents for its application based business and is ever striving to be the “cutting edge” of innovation. Company Wrench is the number one LaBounty Global Dealer and the number one Terex Fuchs Dealer in North America.

Company Wrench’s new division, CW Port Resources, focuses mainly on the Port and Inland waterway transport. Stevedoring and Intermodal transport are just some of the businesses serviced. The new master distributor agreement with Anvil Attachments will only further the advancements into this segment.

Anvil’s long history and size make them a perfect partner in this ever-changing industry. Being able to identify the needs of the end user and then devising an effective and economical answer to their problems are what has set Company Wrench apart from the competition. Anvil’s philosophy is the same, making this partnership a natural fit. Company Wrench’s major presence in the recycling industry and Anvil’s major presence in the bulk material re-handling, will be a major factor in growing both businesses.

Both Anvil Attachments and Company Wrench maintain a full rental fleet of equipment. . Anvil maintains shorter lead-time deliveries by designing their buckets and grapples around standard parts; most parts are “OFF-THE-SHELF”. They understand the importance of having a fast turnaround on parts and are able to ship most parts the same day.

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