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Anvil Expands Rental Fleet of Buckets and Grapples

Posted by Anvil Attachments on Tue, Apr 30, 2013 @ 11:13 AM

Anvil's Rental Fleet of Buckets and Grapples 

Anvil’s rental fleet of hydraulic and cable buckets and grapples is now larger than ever. The rental fleet is now over 30 unit’s total.  These units include hydraulic buckets, hydraulic grapples, single line buckets and Anvil’s new diesel hydraulic grapple.  “The number of customers requesting rental units has increased drastically in the past year,” says Kyle Watson, Anvil’s Inside Sales Representative.  Customers are looking to rent for several reasons.  The most common reason is to handle a short term job, where they only have a need for a week or month, and purchasing a bucket is not cost effective. Anvil has been working hard to make material handling attachments an affordable reality to all customers.

Another popular reason customers rent from Anvil is that they offer a “rent to own” program.  Under this program, a customer can rent a unit, and if needs change or their job lasts longer than originally anticipated, it may become cost effective for them to purchase.  Anvil will then credit a portion of the rental fees to the purchase of the unit.

Anvil also offers a “try it before you buy it” option.  A customer can rent a unit, test it, and make sure it performs for their situation and material, prior to purchasing the unit.  This allows the customer to make sure this product is the perfect match for them with minimal cost and commitment.

Mr. Watson added, “Depending on the model, Anvil will also build a new unit for rental if we don’t have it in stock, with our fast lead time, we can produce a grapple in as little as a week and a hydraulic bucket in two weeks.”

Anvil offers rental options anywhere from a week to a year.  And most units can ship the same day ordered.  Anvil has customers all over the world and has had rental units in South America and other countries.

Anvil’s rental fleet includes hydraulic clamshell buckets in sizes ranging from 2 cubic yards through 9 cubic yards. Cable operated buckets including single line radio remote control buckets from 1/2 cubic yards to 20 cubic yards.  These include cable “touch and go” buckets.

Anvil’s grapple fleet is also large, including 4 and 5 tine hydraulic grapples.  Anvil also recently added its 7 cubic yard, 6 tine Diesel Hydraulic grapple to the rental fleet.


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Anvil to Bring 33,000-Pound Diesel Hydraulic Grapple to ISRI Convention

Posted by Anvil Attachments on Thu, Apr 04, 2013 @ 02:03 PM

Diesel GrappleDiesel Hydraulic GrappleAnvil Attachments, based in Slaughter, LA, is preparing their newest product, a six tine, 7 cubic yard Diesel Hydraulic Scrap grapple for shipment to Orlando Florida for the ISRI show.

The Diesel Hydraulic Grapple is a totally self-contained unit; it easily attaches to almost any crane and is operated via remote control. Jon Craft, President of Anvil Attachments, says, “It was a major decision for Anvil to bring this grapple to the show; the logistics were complex and cost with bringing a grapple this large is high.” This grapple weighs approximately 25,000 pounds. The engineer staff at Anvil designed a special pallet to transport the grapple; the pallet needed to be substantial enough to safely support the weight of this large grapple. The pallet weighs almost 8,000 pounds on its own. This brings to total weight of the pallet and the grapple to nearly 33,000 pounds. The Diesel Hydraulic grapple is nearly 16 feet across from tine to tine when open and close to 12 feet high. To prevent from having an oversize load while shipping, Anvil will have to remove two of the tine. Anvil will bring one of the tines on another special built pallet to display their quick connect tine system.

ISRI, the Institute for Scrap Recyclers Industries show is the largest show that Anvil participates. The response and interest in Anvil’s Diesel Hydraulic Scrap grapple has been tremendous so far. Jon states, “While the cost is high in bringing a unit this large across the country, we feel its best way to get the word out on this new product.”

This ISRI show is in Orlando, Florida and runs from April 9th – 13th. In addition to the Diesel Hydraulic Grapple, Anvil will also be displaying a four tine, 1 cubic yard scrap grapple, a five tine, 1 cubic yard scrap grapple and a newly re-designed 2 over 3 grapple.

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Anvil Attachments Introduces its New Diesel Hydraulic Scrap Grapple

Posted by Anvil Attachments on Sat, Feb 02, 2013 @ 10:26 PM

Diesel Hydraulic Orange Peel Grapple

After a year in design and development, Anvil Attachments has debuted its latest product offering, a completely self-contained, diesel powered hydraulic scrap grapple.

Anvil's diesel hydraulic scrap grapple is intended for material handling from ships and barges where hydraulics or electricity are not options. The diesel hydraulic orange peel scrap grapple is completely self-contained and self-powered, and easily attaches to any crane that can support the weight. It is suited for handling a wide range of products including scrap, stone blocks, rip-rap, and pig iron.

Jon Craft, President of Anvil Attachments, said, “Our goal was to get the design right the first time, that is why we spent over a year on design and development. Our engineers used our Finite-Element Analysis software to its full capabilities, this way we ensure that this grapple provides maximum strength and payload for the weight. Based off of our initial field test and customer feedback, we got it right. Our first unit sold was immediately thrown into the fire, moving foot long pieces of pig iron, one of the toughest types of materials to handle, and our diesel grapple has worked with barely a glitch.”

Anvil's diesel hydraulic orange peel scrap grapple can be configured with either a turbo charged air cooled diesel engine or water cooled diesel engine, depending on your environment. These engines range up to 150 horse power. The grapple has several engine access panels for easy access and maintenance.

The orange peel grapple tines are completely configurable to user and material handling preference with five tine options from small-blade, to lower enclosed, up to full enclosed. The tines are modular and crafted using high strength alloy steel for maximum wear resistance and every tine is powered with a 5-inch cylinder. These cylinders are custom designed and feature inertia welded rod eyes for maximum strength.

The grapple has an easy pin adapter that will connect to virtually any crane. Once connected to the crane, the grapple engine is started and opening and closing is all controlled through a simple remote control unit that works up to 500 feet away. Anvil is currently developing a smart phone app that will allow the monitoring of all vital engine statistics; this should be ready in the first quarter of 2013.

Anvil developed the diesel hydraulic scrap grapple to fill a need of bulk material handlers who needed a completely self-contained grapple where standard hydraulic or electro-hydraulic would not fit. Compared to the competition, Anvil's grapple experiences no overheating issues, burns 2/3 less fuel, has throttle control, a 50 gallon fuel tank with low level shutdown, all while handling pig iron.

In addition, Anvil currently has a diesel-powered clamshell bucket in production. This bucket will use many of the same concepts and parts as the grapple. They will share standard engines, hydraulics, etc. Anvil took what they learned from the grapple and applied these proven technologies to the bucket.

Anvil's diesel powered hydraulic scrap grapple, model DHSG, is now available for sale or rent.

Anvil Attachments is one of the oldest suppliers of Grabs, Grapples, and Clamshell Buckets for Bulk Material Handling. Anvil has been supplying products under various brand names since 1905.

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Anvil Rebuilds 4 Tine Hydraulic Grapple with a Touch of Patriotism

Posted by Anvil Attachments on Fri, Feb 01, 2013 @ 04:00 PM

4 Tine Hydraulic Scrap GrappleWhen a retired US Marine, who now owns and runs a scrap yard in south Mississippi, made a special request for his four tine hydraulic grapple, Anvil obliged.  The former Marine requested that Anvil make his grapple a little “Patriotic”.  Anvil went beyond a little patriotic and gave the four tine orange peel hydraulic grapple the full Red, White and Blue treatment.  The hydraulic grapple, pictured above, was in the shop for a rebuild as it had been through tough usage, moving scrap metal, cars and more.   This job was typical of an Anvil complete rebuild, starting with full disassembly, sandblasting and testing of the hydraulic system.  The next step was to replace the worn and damaged parts. These parts consisted of upper and lower pins and bushings, tine pins and bushings and tine teeth. All of the grapple's hydraulic hoses and fittings were replaced.  A missing cylinder guard was replaced, and all gouges and cracks were welded.  When it was time for paint, Anvil painted the tines blue, cylinders and cylinder covers red and the head assembly white.  Anvil has painted custom colors in the past, as they currently have a LSU purple and gold clamshell bucket in the rental fleet and has painted Saints black and gold buckets and grapples as well.

4 Tine Grapple

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